1. GÜN: BANGKOK - Ayutthaya - PHITSANULOK ziyaret Bang Pa In ve Ayutthaya, Wat Yai Chaimongkhon, Wat Phra Mahathat ve Wat Phanan Choeng yıkık tapınaklar bulabilirsiniz Siyam eski ve görkemli başkenti Rama V Summer Palace. Lop Buri yolda, Phra Prang Sam Yot ve San Phra Kan Maymun Tapınağı ziyaret edin. Chainat yerel bir restoranda öğle yemeği. Phitsanulok devam edin. Akşam yemeği ve otelde geceleme. 2. GÜN: PHITSANULOK - SUKHOTAI - Lampang Phra Si Rattana Mahathat toWat bir ziyaret ile güne başlayın ve her iki dünya mirası olarak UNESCO tarafından korunan, antik kentler ve Sukhothai ve Si Satchanalai tarihsel noktalara devam ediyor.Yol boyunca, yerel bir restoranda öğle yemeği olacak.Öğleden sonra, Lampang That Luang Phra ziyaret edecek. Otelde akşam yemeği ve geceleme. 3. GÜN: Lampang - phayao - Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Gidiş.Rota boyunca Wat Chedi Sao güzel tapınağını ziyaret. Ananas alanları üzerinden bir sürücü Kwan Pha Yao ve Wat Rong Khun eşsiz ve etkileyici Beyaz Tapınağı göle götürür. Öğle yemeği yerel bir restoranda olacaktır. Tayland, Laos ve Myanmar karşılamak Mae Sai, Akha ve Yao tepe kabileleri, Golden Triangle küçük sınır ticaret merkezi ve Çan Sean eski şehir Öğleden sonra ziyaret etti. Geri Chiang Rai için sürücü. Senin Otelde akşam yemeği ve geceleme. 4. GÜN: Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai Biz ab bu sabah erken başlamak gerekir. Biz Phathai için Kok Nehri üzerinde 3 saatlik tekne yolculuğu ve yol boyunca yerel tepe kabile köylerde durdururuz. Thaton ve Chiang Mai, Kuzey Rose devam edin. Yerel bir restoranda öğle yemeği.Öğleden sonra, Bo el sanatları köy Sang ziyaret edeceğiz ve San Kamphaeng zarif eli dokunmuş ipek ve geleneksel ürünlerini hayran. Otelde akşam yemeği ve geceleme. 5. GÜN: Chiang Mai Bugün yakındaki bir fil kampında sevdirmek ve yetenekli Tay filler ile yakın ve kişisel almak için fırsat var. Hatta bir fil (fil binmek isteğe bağlıdır ve dahil değildir) sürme deneyebilirsiniz. Öğle yemeği yerel bir restoranda olacaktır. Sizin tur Wat Phra ziyareti ile devam That Doi Suthep, güzel çevresindeki peyzaj üzerinde görüşlerini de alarak, ünlü dağ tepe tapınak uzanan nefes.Öğleden sonra kalanı kendi Chiang Mai daha fazlasını keşfetmek için ücretsizdir. Ther Akşamları bir veda Kuzey stili "Khan Toke" geleneksel klasik dans gösterileri ile akşam yemeği olacak. Geceleme otelde. GÜN 6: Chiang Mai - Bangkok için uçuş ya da bir sonraki hedefi yakalamak için Chiang Mai Havaalanı transferi için zamanı gelene kadar BANGKOK Sen boş boş zamanınız olacak.

İlke ve Şartlar

- Bu tur 2 yolcu asgari şartı vardır ve bu asgari karşılanmaması durumunda iptali söz konusu değildir. - Üç kişilik odalarda için Oranları ikiz / çift kişilik oda için oranları aynıdır.

Ödeme Seçenekleri

Credit Card - Wire Transfer - American Express - Master/ Visa Card -

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  • Return Ferry Tickets
  • Bike equipment
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Central Air/Heat
  • Guides / Assistance
  • Dinner
  • Cruise
  • Professional tour escort
  • Beach Access
  • Roundtrip Hotel Transfers
  • Amusement Park Nearby
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Lunch
  • Deck Furniture
  • Security System
  • State/National Park Nearby

Hariç Tutulanlar

  •     Extra water bottle charges    
  •     Medicines required if any    
  •     Tips and Gratuities    

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99 Jon Ellen   08/17/2015 1.8 / 10
Negatives: bathroom is old, no towel racks, no electrical outlets - kitchen counters felt sticky (we stayed in January) and plates and pans were very used and mismatched, lack of counter space - hard to regulate heat, sometimes it was freezother times like a sauna - biggest issue was we left the unit cleaner than we found it and still didn't get deposit fully refunded.
98 Flip   08/17/2015 2.2 / 10
My group and I stayed here in February of this year and this being our first time booking an apartment online, we were a little nervous. But when you arrived, and say this lovely home we were glad we made the choice. The location is excellent because you are so close to Central Park and some famous shopping stores. As far as eating, we had an excellent choice. The owner was helpful and the booking process were smooth. Only one complaint that there was some trash left in the bin, but happy to recommend
97 happycamper   08/17/2015 8 / 10
Property was in a great location. The size was exactly what we needed for a group of 7 girls. The place could have been a bit cleaner but it still did not ruin our trip! No tea towels in kitchen, no lights could be turned on in kitchen area, no dishwasher, however we were told they were installing new one. Again we worked around it! Wifi was off and on, but we all had use of it a one time or another. The mouse was a little worrisome but apparently they fumigate once a month. Great things were size and 3 full size bathrooms + 1 powder room. Awesome that bedrooms and washrooms were on top 2 floors and living space with powder room were on main floor. Lots of stairs, but hey, you're in New York! If we could have had early check in or late check out we would have been very happy. We were told that they are not doing late check out anymore, however they let you leave your luggage in their office. Overall we would stay here again!
96 Maria   08/17/2015 8 / 10
We were two families of 4 and 5, with young adults. The apartment met our expectations. Two bedrooms are of a very good size, and the other 3 are very small., but for one week it was not too uncomfortable. The kitchen has a dishwasher (we used it all the time), the dining room, and the living room are nice and spacious. There is washer and dryer but we never used them. The bathrooms are ok. The only problem is the noise. In the middle of the night, every night, there is loading and unloading activity at the "Freight" company across the street! If it wasn't for that, I would say that is a perfect apartment to spend a week in NYC.
95 Bong_Traveller2012   08/17/2015 5 / 10
Adobehome accommodation looks exactly like the picture posted. The house is clean and tidy, at the same time, it is spacious as well. Surender gave detailed instructions on how to get to her accommodation with pictures included (and I must say it's really easy to get to their place). It is a short walking distance from the Mall Manali. Upon reaching the accommodation, we saw, drinking water, cups, umbrella and even adapters on the table of our room.. It was really thoughtful of Surender. It was cold when we reached there, he immediately severed us the hot tea, it was so soothing and I am really touched by his hospitality. Surender was always quick to respond to any requests/queries. The only negative point about the apartment is located on backside, one house after the main road and views are not good from rooms. However the terrace is open and it has 360 degree view. But it does not matter we hardly live in room and come back only in evening to sleep. I felt very comfortable and safe.…
94 NewtonKakadia   08/17/2015 10 / 10
Hello folks! I made a 2 day 3 nights stay here in my manali trip. I would like to share my stay experience with you all. So we arrived manali on evening and Mr Birender came to pick us up at bus station. We were 3 college friends on this trip. We shared a room. The pictures of rooms showed here in this page exactly matches. This night we had a discussion with the house owner Mr Birender regarding our trip - what we would like to do in manali, safety, precautions and everything. He arranged a taxi for us to solang valley for the very next day. Next morning, we woke up a bit late (it was too cool..hahahhh) and house owner had switched on water heater (geyser) for us an hour before we woke up. It was very nice of him to do so. As we 3 had preferred to stay in single room, we had only 1 bathroom to use. But, the house owner offered us to use extra bathroom in the next room as the room was vacant. He didn't even take any charge for that though. Cool, they are nice people. :) The house owner…
93 SangamGarg   08/17/2015 6 / 10
Perfect budget stay in Manali. Rooms were cozy, neat and clean. Also Adobe home is better then what we see in the images. Host was always there to guide me with everything around. We were 14 people and it was perfect home away from home. Definitely come back if I visit Manali. Also recommended for family

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