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Top 5 Places to Visit in Manali with Couple and Family 01/08/2022


Manali is also known as 'The Valley of Gods,' and is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, as well as the go-to spot for all adventure seekers and backpackers who plan their Kullu Manali trip package to this destination. This idyllic tiny hill station located in Himachal Pradesh has captivated travellers from all over the world and is readily incorporated into their Manali vacation packages. Rafting, skiing, paragliding, zorbing, trekking, and camping are all popular activities in Manali. Apart from these activities, notable temples such as the Hidimba Temple and Manu Mandir are included in Kullu Manali travel packages accessible online at an affordable price.

The Vashisht Temple and the hot water springs close it are two of Manali's most well-known tourist attractions. One dip in these hot water springs is claimed to be enough to soothe the body and mind. So, fly to the icy area and discover the lovely hill station that is every traveler's top pick for a Kullu Manali vacation package! Your desire to travel alone or with family, whether for adventure or leisure, for one country special or two or even multi-country, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, all of it is made possible with Veena World! 

It's critical to choose the appropriate place, the perfect travel partner, the right time to go, and the right style of tour for an unforgettable tour experience and a travel memory that will last a lifetime! With its online Manali holiday packages that include the best of everything, Veena World makes this decision easy for you. Manali's natural beauty certainly mesmerises us! With the idea of a beautiful Manali honeymoon tour, which is a popular choice among many travellers, it makes family vacations memorable and couple excursions amazing. Veena World focuses on developing and innovating unrivalled tours.We bring together the finest of what's available to create a one-of-a-kind memory and trip tale to share with your loved ones. Every Manali tour we do reflects the idea of travel, exploration, and celebration. So gather your belongings, boost your spirits, and prepare for one of the most amazing journeys of your life!


Best Time to Visit in Manali:

This charming hill station may be found near the northern end of the Kullu Valley, popularly known as the "Valley of Gods." The lush Beas River Valley is home to the snowy town, which has the thundering, gushing Beas River running through it. The Beas River white water rafting excursion is included in our Manali travel package. Manali, located a reasonable distance from major northern towns such as Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla, is frequently used as a gateway to the Leh Ladakh region. Manali's winters are often frigid, and its summers are lovely this time is best for Place to visit in Manali for Couple; a fact that may be experienced with our online Manali vacation packages, which are offered at a reasonable price.


The Way of Life:

The Himachali culture is diverse, unique, and ever-changing! The Pahari people have a great deal of respect for visitors to their vibrant state, and they are always ready to dazzle with their politeness and welcoming attitude. Manali, both as a state and as a tourist destination, is a healthy mix of people from all religions, communities, and tribes. This is mostly available as part of our Manali tour packages. Traditional music and dance, as well as unique handicrafts like the Kullu shawl, Pashmina shawl, and Himachali headgear, are all trademarks of the state. Fairs and festivals are given a lot of attention, which is reflected in the state's traditions and rich legacy. Manali is the place to go if you want the best of both worlds: a breath-taking landscape of snow, adventure activities, and the spirituality of hallowed temples. With our Kullu Manali honeymoon packages, make this magnificent hill region a part of your new beginning.

About Manali Adventure:

Travelling to a destination and actually exploring it allows you to experience the true essence of being one with the environment! It's easy to read, listen to, and discuss about a place's cultural characteristics, traditions, natural landscapes, or sightseeing highlights; nevertheless, being there and living those moments is the only experience that can be carved in your memory forever. This component of the vacation experience is included in our Kullu Manali travel packages, which are accessible online at a low cost. Such tours bind you together as a family and allow you to explore these incredible destinations as a group, all while enjoying unique experiences and making memories along the way.

The High Points: 

Manali's tourist attractions include some of the most absolutely breathtaking scenery, similar to those we've seen in Bollywood films. When you visit these magnificent locales and enjoy a travel experience inspired by movies shot here, it's almost like living out your Bollywood dream. We commonly incorporate towns like Chandigarh, Shimla, Rohtang, Solang Valley, and even Amritsar, Dalhousie, and Dharamshala in our Manali vacation packages. Our Manali adventure begins with a picturesque drive through the Kullu Valley and Pandoh Dam.

Enjoy a breathtaking trip to Rohtang Snow Point, a breathtaking mountain pass that is perpetually snow-covered. We usually go to the snow point on Rohtang Road, which is open to the public and has been approved by the Border Security Force. We have some free time here to play and enjoy the snow. These are the kinds of experiences that may be shared with a group of family and friends as part of our Kullu Manali vacation packages, or shared with your As part of our Manali honeymoon package, you can bring your significant other., be entertained with stunning Himachali folk dance and have the time of your life as you appreciate this cultural experience of Himachal Pradesh. Solang Valley is awaiting your arrival for another another adventure! A beautiful valley between Solang hamlet and the mountains, with spectacular views of glaciers and snow-capped peaks. At Solang Valley, take a ropeway trip and go on your own adventure sports like horseback riding, skiing, ice skating, paragliding, mountain biking, snow scootering, and zorbing. The journey continues as we travel to the Beas River for a thrilling white water rafting trip.


Manali's Must-See Attractions

  • Hadimba temple

hidimba temple

This historic 15th-century temple is one of Manali tourist place attractions. Goddess   Hidimba was the wife of Bheem, one of the  Pandavas, and the temple is devoted to her. The people adore this pagoda-style temple built on a rock with a spectacular architecture of a cone-shaped roof and intricately carved wooden walls and doors. It is an oasis of solitude and tranquillity amidst gorgeous environment, surrounded by a rich thicket of cedar trees with vistas of tall snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

Hadimba Temple Rd, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131 is the location.

  • 3.5 kilometres from Manali Bus Station

  • After the monsoons (mid-September) or during the lovely summer months of March-June are the best times to visit.

  • There is no entrance fee for this event.


  • Solang Valley

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is located 13 kilometres from Manali, between the Beas Kund and Solang Village. Visitors come from all over the world to see the valley's spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and majestic glaciers, which attract skiers from all over the world this is best Place to Visit in Manali. Solang Valley's splendour is unrivalled, and many visitors flock there each year to marvel at its pristine, snow-white magnificence. The entire location seems like something out of a movie, especially in the winter when it is blanketed in lovely, milky white snow. With groves of emerald green trees dotting the immaculate white landscape, sparkling blue skies, and majestic mountains as far as the eye can reach, Solang is at its most gorgeous in the winter. People visit Solang Valley for a range of winter activities as well as to take in the breathtaking scenery. Adventurers will enjoy skiing in the fresh snow, and as the weather warms up, zorbing and paragliding will be accessible.

The views of the area from above when paragliding across the valley are incredible and must be seen to be believed. Try camping here among the valley's lush green meadows if you actually want to get a full dose of the valley's sheer magnificence.Other adventurous activities such as quad biking and snowmobiling are available in Solang Valley. Serious thrill seekers will like the Solang Ropeway, a state-of-the-art cabin with sweeping views of the valley. However, if you're travelling with your family, there are a few places you should see.


Solang Valley's Points of Interest


1. Zorbing-   

 What may well be a lot of fun than rolling down a village's facet in a very semitransparent sphere? Zorbing in Solang natural depression can bring out the kid in you. Zorbing is AN exciting event that ought to not be incomprehensible , and it's additionally terribly cheap. you'll have AN incomprehensible sensation that you {just} can keep in mind for the  remainder of your life for just federal agency 350.

2. Camping-   

Camping in Solang natural depression entails a comfy tent wherever you'll curl and stare at the celebs. build a balefire together with your friends whereas sleeping below the open sky. get pleasure from the natural depression vistas and take a leisurely stroll among the hills. If  it looks appealing to you, you ought to take into account tenting in Solang natural  depression.


3.  Quad Bike-

 If you are designing a visit to the natural depression throughout the summer, quad biking  may be a must-do activity. you'll either take a ride on your own or rent a driver. Quad biking, like different natural depression journey activities, isn't terribly pricy. This action  can price you between federal agency 900 and a 1000 only.


4.  Snowmobiling- 

What can be additional pleasant than floating over the pure, driven snow and lease your inner kid have  fun? cost accounting around office five hundred, snowmobiling is actually a really common activity within the vale.




5.  Skiing- 

Skiing is one amongst the foremost venturesome activities that's therefore common within the vale that this place is commonly referred to as the athletics paradise of  North Bharat. you'll get pleasure from this adrenaline-releasing sport at numerous  levels. it's out there for simply office three  hundred to folks of all ages.

6.   Paragliding-

There is nothing which will compare to the thrillsailplaning through the attractive valleys of the majestic mountain range peaks, and paragliding in  Solang vale offers you exactly that. If you're associate degree journey enthusiast and chasing an honest endocrine highsounds like your issue, paragliding in Solang vale can thrill and excite you prefer no different activity. The cold mountain breeze whipping through your hair, picturesque vistas that awe and delight you endlessly, and a 360-degree views of the majestic the Himalaya – what additional may you raise for?

Paragliding in Solang vale permits you to go away all of your troubles behind and fly sort of a bird. There square measure 2 jumping stations settled within the vale, and you'll choose the one on the lower level if you're not feeling particularly venturesome, otherwise you will choose the upper one if paragliding flows through your veins.


  • Rohtang Pass


               If you're coming up with a visit to the picturesque valleys close to Kullu and Manali, Rohtang Pass should get on your itinerary. the favoured vistas purpose is acknowledge for its incomparable  natural beauty and is one in all the foremost essential attraction points within the region. The pass is found simply fifty metric linear unit aloof from the most city, and is definitely accessible by road. one in all the main attractions of Rohtang La is that it's one in all the best passes within the chain. placed at a staggering height of 3978 metres higher than water level, the pass offers a number of the foremost pristine views of the chain you may ever get to ocean.

As your automotive climbs on the Manali-Keylong road on your thanks to Rohtang La, you may see a dramatic amendment within the scenery around you, and also the gorgeous landscape can leave you breathless. In fact, the spellbinding great thing about the route and also the pass is thus spectacular that it's been featured in several Bollywood blockbusters starting from Jab we tend to Met to Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani.

For those who need to urge aloof from the hustle and bustle of existence and curl with a cup of tea within the middle of incomparable  natural splendour, Rohtang La offers one in all the simplest choices. As your automotive climbs up the road, the weather can get colder and you won’t be able to facilitate however admire the chilling and dramatic great thing about this place. Clear blue skies, soft covered mountain peaks, and sprawling landscapes – UN agency will resist such natural wonders? The nonnatural and spectacular Rohtang La pass has to be seen to be believed.


  • Points Of Interest for Rohtang Pass

1.  Tracking- Rohtang pass may be a heaven for trekkers. encircled by difficult trails, stunning glaciers, pristine waterfalls, and snow-covered mountain peaks – the pass offers a number of the foremost picturesque trails for trekking. The Manali-Lahaul pass is one among the foremost widespread treks within the region with its Sulphur springs and Bhrigu lake views. you'll be able to additionally strive alternative treks like Gulaba to Bhrigu Lake, Batal to Rohtang and Jalori pass.

2. Mountain Biking- 

If you're keen on biking through splendid vistas and don’t mind taking troublesome ways,  you must strive mountain biking through the lesser familiar routes within the region. The  audacious activity can offer you Associate in Nursing intense catecholamine rush.



3.  Photography-

The picturesque vistas of              Rohtang attract photography lovers from everywhere the  country  per annum. The clear blue skies, pristine snow, and sumptuous mountain range –UN agency wouldn’t wish to capture all this in their camera?

4.Skiing and Tyre Drop-

Again, these area unit the foremost common activities pursued during this region. you'll be able to get instrumentation for these fun-filled sports is found within the retailers near .



5.  Sledge ride-

There is no approach your trip to Rohtang la are going to be complete if you are  doing not take pleasure in sledge riding on the snow in an exceedingly wood  toboggan. Not solely can you get to get pleasure from the picturesque views of the region, however also will be stuffed with the childlike joy of taking part in within the snow.







  • Manu Temple 

This historical Hindu temple, dedicated to Sage Manu, can be an area of nice non secular significance to Hindus. There ar many fascinating folktales associated with the establishment of this temple that you're going to be able to establish concerning once you visit this place. Pilgrims and visitors in large numbers visit this temple in modern Manali throughout the year. this will be a must-visit place, not alone because of its non secular significance but together because of its ancient, pretty style and wood carving. Moreover, the views of tall hills blanketed with lush inexperienced forests this temple offers build spectators gasp for breath. Visit this place throughout your trip to Manali places for Associate in Nursing transcendental experience.


  • Location: recent Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

  • Distance from Manali Bus Stand: four Kms

  • Best time: may to June

  • Entry Fee: there is not any entry fee


  • Manali Sanctuary 


This sanctuary is a must-see on every trip to Manali if you want to learn about the local mountain life and see a variety of plants and trees. An important a part of the protected northwest chain of mountains biology zone, you'll be able to spot animals & birds like muntjac, Flying Fox, geographical region phalanger, chain of mountains Black Bear, Snow Pigeons, Chakor, Treecreepers, etc.

Trees such as poplars, willows, horse chestnuts, deodars, and thickets of brilliant red rhododendrons can be found in dense thickets. The sanctuary, amongst the landmark places to go to in Manali, edges on the scenic banks of the Manalsu valley with high peaks within the background. 


  • Location: Circuit House Marg, Manali

  • Distance from Manali Bus Stand: two Kms

  • Best time: March until June and Oct to Feb

  • Entry Fee: you wish to pay Bureau of Intelligence and Research ten Rs per person to examine this traveller attraction in Manali



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