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Delhi Darshan & Local Sightseeing Package With Price Itinerary 01/25/2022

Delhi, a well-liked holidaying destination asserts itself not for being the capital town of Bharat except for the cultural hub that it's. Presenting an attractive combination of history and currency, this town encompasses everything that produces a vacation pleasant particularly with our Old Delhi native looking at tour packages.

From branch of knowledge wonders, mesmerizing gardens, ancient non secular sites to museums, art galleries to being a heaven for looking and food, Old Delhi presents ample variety of selections to {stay} you’re engaged throughout your stay. An Old Delhi town tour is incomplete while not exploring its varied traveler attractions.

Whether you're on a family vacation or a politician trip, taking a tour with friends or partner, you would like to dedicate on a daily basis or 2 for Old Delhi native looking at tour packages.

And though you're in just for a tiny low halt as a region of any journey to different places as there also are ample of weekend destinations close to Delhi, do take it slow off your busy schedule and treat yourself with the wonderful looking at places that this town has in providing.

Our customized native looking at tour packages provide an ideal thanks to pay quality time at varied traveler attractions in Delhi while not burdening yourself with tasks like arrangements, booking tickets, etc.

Many a times, we have a tendency to miss on opportunities to explore vital tourer attractions attributable to lack of resources or crunch of your time. By booking these metropolis native tours, you'll visit the vital places on time while not going over the budget whereas travelling or shopping for entry tickets.

Delhi is home to a number of the foremost exquisite architectures, lovely gardens and wealthy museums within the world that makes metropolis tour not solely gratifying however conjointly informative. There are several commercial enterprise places during this town that you just will visit by opting one among several Indian capital native tours that are custom-made for each variety of somebody. If you are planning to visit Delhi sightseeing places, you can visit Delhi best travel company.

The following is a list of places to visit when on a Delhi Local Sightseeing Tour Package:


  • Lotus Temple

Address: Lotus Temple Road, Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Lotus Temple









The majestic Bahá' House of Worship, commonly known as the Lotus Temple because of its nine sides and breathtaking centre roof, is a work of art. The entire construction is made of white concrete and marble, and it looks as delicate as the blossom it is built after. As it rises from the nine pools of water around it, it almost appears to be poised to bloom. Since its construction in 1986, the temple has received over 70 million visitors, making it one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Surprisingly, there are no idols, religious portraits, or apparent religious symbols in this extraordinary site of worship.

  •        Qutub Minar

Address: Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

In the 12th century, the majestic Qutub Minar, India's highest minaret, was constructed. It is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting a large number of international visitors anxious to climb to the top for the spectacular views of the surrounding area. This magnificent five-story tower stands over 70 metres tall and is covered with amazing sculptures illustrating Qutub's history as well as Koranic inscriptions. It's particularly noteworthy because it's made up of a diversity of stone types (the first three stories are made of red sandstone, while the fourth and fifth stories were built with marble and sandstone).The Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid, a mosque at the base of the tower, a 1310 entrance, and the tombs of Altamish, Alauddin Khalji, and Imam Zamin are all part of the complex. The Alai Minar, a 2,000-year-old Iron Pillar, is well worth viewing.

  •        India Gate

Address: Rajpath, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

The similarly impressive India Gate, which is modelled after Paris's famed Arc de Triomphe, is a magnificent stone arch built as a memorial to Indian soldiers killed in WWI. An perpetual flame burns beneath the massive structure, and the walls are inscribed with the names of more than 90,000 soldiers who died in the battle. The structure, which stands on a red stone base and has a shallow domed bowl on top that is occasionally filled with blazing oil (usually only on big anniversaries), dominates the parkland surrounding it, which is always bustling with tourists and locals out for a picnic or simply relaxing. One of the greatest free things to do in New Delhi is to visit the India Gate at night, which is considered one of the top free things to do in the city. It's a lovely sight when it's floodlit, together with the nearby fountains.

  •        Red Fort 

Address: Netaji Subhash Marg, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, city 110006

Delhi Sightseeing place-red fort

India Shah Jahan erected the majestic Red Fort (Lal Qila) in 1648 and it remained because the seat of Mughal sovereignty till 1857. This glorious building, enclosed by a trench and ringed by large red arenaceous rock walls, spans over 2 sq. kilometres and is semilunar. The majestic main entrance, the metropolis Gate, is called when the Pakistani town of metropolis, though the emperor utilized the abundant grander city Gate for ceremonial processions. guests enter through the metropolis Gate and reach Chhatta Chowk, a 17th-century lined bazaar wherever they will get silks, jewellery, jewels, and tableware, further as souvenirs and food. The Naubat Khana at intervals the Red Fort once housed the musicians WHO contend for the emperor, and its fine galleries still contain several attention-grabbing musical instruments like kettledrums, gongs, and cymbals. Diwan-i-Am, the Hall of Public Audiences, wherever the emperor would receive his subjects, is additionally value seeing for its beautiful white marble. The Red Fort's Naubat Khana once housed the emperor's musicians, and its stunning galleries still retain several intriguing musical instruments like kettledrums, gongs, and cymbals. The exquisite white marble of Diwan-i-Am, the Hall of Public Audiences, wherever the emperor would welcome his subjects, is additionally value visiting. Booking a non-public full-day tour of previous and {new delhi|New city|Indian capital|capital of India|national capital} could be a fantastic chance to explore the Red Fort and different major Delhi landmarks. a private skilled guide and driver can accompany you on your nine-hour urban excursion, taking you to such sights as Humayun's grave, Qutub Minar, Jama house of worship, India Gate, and also the celebrated Lotus Temple. edifice pickup is enclosed in your trip.

  •         Akshardham Temple 

Address: Noida Mor, New Delhi, Delhi

Delhi Sightseeing place

India The glorious Hindu Akshardham temple, that was only recently finished (it opened in 2007), seems to be centuries previous. This superb structure that is adorned with exquisite and ornate carvings attracts an outsized variety of individuals because of its majestic grandeur. The main monument, that stands forty three metres tall and options Byzantine carvings of animals, plants, gods, dancers, and musicians made from pink arenaceous rock and marble, could be a must-see. The 234 elaborate pillars that support the building's 9 domes area unit notably noteworthy, as could be a spectacular stone respect to elephants, the centrepiece of that could be a stupendous three,000-ton sculpture of 1 of those glorious creatures. A theatre displaying a movie on the building's construction, a pleasant 15-minute boat trip depicting India's made history and various culture, and also the breathless Yagnapurush Kund, an enormous melodic fountain that's particularly stunning once lit up at the hours of darkness, area unit among the opposite attractions.

  •         Humayun's Tomb

Address: Mathura Road, Nizamuddin, New Delhi, Delhi, India  

Delhi sightseeing place humyun tomb

Humayun's Tomb, a high spot composed of white marble and red arenaceous rock, is about during a beautiful, huge sq. garden. it's associate exquisite example of Mughal design and was engineered as a paradigm for the Taj Mahal in Agra. The tomb, that was in-built the mid-16th century by pilgrim Moslem as a memorial to her husband by Humayun's senior widow, is encircled by lush formal gardens and different tombs, together with Humayun's barber and therefore the spot of Isa Khan (the designer of the Taj Mahal), that may be a fine example of Lodi design and form} in shape. Trying to catch a sight of this brilliant building once fall once it's lighted may be a fascinating factor to try to.

  •        Rashtrapati Bhawan

Address: Gates thirty & thirty five, President's Estate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Delhi Sightseeing place- Rashtrapati Bhawn

New Delhi's ancient ceremonial promenade, Rajpath, is additionally referred to as the King's means. It stretches from Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official presidential house, to the National structure, passing by important metropolitan attractions like Vijay Chowk and Bharat Gate. The Republic Day Parade brings this spacious avenue, encircled by trees, grass, and ponds, to life each Gregorian calendar month twenty sixth. Thousands of individuals converge to commemorate the country's independence day of remembrance on this distinctive event. At the western finish of Rajpath, the President's Residence-the Rashtrapati Bhavan (once nation Viceroy's residence)-is doubtless one in every of the foremost brilliant buildings in Old Delhi. It's a pretty place for a selfie given its eclectic mixture of Mughal and European subject field designs that contains some 340 richly embellished rooms.

Of explicit interest is that the new Rashtrapati Bhavan repository, that offers a glimpse within the building, together with attention-grabbing displays regarding past presidents. Hot Tip: If visiting in Gregorian calendar month or March, scrutinize the conterminous Mughal Gardens, a splendid show of plantings close the President's Residence.

  •        Lodhi Garden 

Address: Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India

delhi sightseeing place lodhi garden

The 90-acre Lodi Gardens, one in every of the foremost common New Delhi parks among locals, is well price visiting on your Old Delhi itinerary. The park options many remnants from the Lodi amount before the 1600s, together with variety of notable tombs and ruins, additionally to its brilliant gardens.

The ruins of an enormous dome qualitative analysis from around 1490, additionally as 15th-century mausoleums containing the bones of the Lodi Sultans, a stunning triple-domed place of worship, the Glazed Dome, noted for its blue tiles, and an enthralling triple-domed place of worship, the Glazed Dome, square measure subject field highlights. hunt for the Athpula, associate eight-pier bridge with elegant columns and arches that spans the park's lake, that dates from the sixteenth century.

Lodi Gardens is additionally recognised for its flora and life, which has over a hundred natural tree varieties, fifty butterfly species, and a excessiveness of birdlife. It additionally homes the National tree Park of the country. Take a five-minute walk to the famous Khan Market whereas you are within the space. Luxury labels rub hands with street sellers commerce native specialties during this crowded  (and quite safe) region, that ranks among the world's most outstanding searching districts.

  •        Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

Address: Ashoka Road, Hanuman Road space, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India

delhi sightseeing place-bangla sahib gurudwara

The 18th-century Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Delhi's most distinguished Sikh house of worship, is found close to Connaught Place and is well price a visit. The Sarovar, a spectacular pool within the centre of the compound, in addition because the illustrious gold dome and flagpole, square measure all highlights.

The enormous temple building itself, in addition as Associate in Nursing picture gallery and a modest deposit dedicated to the history of the Sikh faith, are noteworthy. guests square measure continuously welcome, and also the Brobdingnagian Gurdwara room provides a delicious dinner at no charge. All that's needed of you is that you simply cowl your hair and pop out your shoes (free headscarves and shoe storage square measure provided).

  •        Jama house of worship (Jama Masjid)

Address: Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi, India

delhi sightseeing place jama masjid

The Jama house of worship, one in all India's largest mosques, was Shah Jahan's final branch of knowledge action. This gorgeous building, that was completed in 1658, has 3 gateways, four angulate towers, and 2 40-meter-high minarets product of red arenaceous rock and white marble that square measure tastily alternated in vertical stripes.

Climb to the highest of the southern tower for gorgeous views of urban center, then explore the large central pool wherever pilgrims wash their hands before praying. Please note that before getting into, guests should take away their shoes and dress correctly; non-Muslims aren't permissible throughout prayers.

After that, pay a visit to Chandni Chowk, previous Delhi's main route and a market space dedicated to looking and eating. Naya Bazaar and Gadodial, 2 well-known spice markets, square measure notably attention-grabbing, with many merchandise on exhibit, together with anise, ginger, pomegranate, saffron, lotus seeds, pickles, and chutneys.

  •         Purana Qila (The previous Fort)

Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India

delhi sightseeing place-purana quila

Purana Qila (Old Fort) is certainly price compressing into your Delhi itinerary, despite the actual fact that the majority tourists head straight for the additional far-famed Red Fort. With a 2,500-year history, majority of this glorious building comes from the 1500s, whereas proof of earlier structures qualitative analysis back to the third century has been uncovered.

The current structure has vie a major role within the affairs of the region for hundreds of years, and was notably littered with the Muslim faith, as indicated by structures like the Qila-i-Kuna musjid, a single-dome hall of worship created in 1541. The complicated is 2 sq. kilometres in size, and you will fancy exploring its sturdy ramparts and 3 massive gates, that square measure particularly gorgeous once well-lighted at nighttime.

 The 200-acre Mehrauli archeologic Park is additionally price a visit, with varied important structures qualitative analysis back quite one,000 years. the traditional ruins of Lal Kot, in addition as additional modern relics of British occupation throughout Queen Victoria's reign, square measure highlights.

  •         The Jantar Mantar Observatory

Address: Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

delhi sightseing place-jantar mantar

Jantar Mantar is one in all 5 astronomical observatories designed by prince Jai Singh I in 1725 close to Connaught Place, one in all New Delhi's largest and most well-known business districts.

This healthy historic facility was designed to permit guests to ascertain the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. It additionally has varied alternative historical devices on exhibit that were antecedently wont to follow the journey of heavenly bodies and predict eclipses. The patrician of Dials, a vast timepiece, is one in all the building's most notable and visually lovely options.

  •        Laxminarayan Mandir

Address: Mandir Marg, Near, Gole Market, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Laxminarayan Mandir delhi sightseeing place

If you simply have time to ascertain another temple throughout your trip to Delhi, create it Laxminarayan Temple (Birla Mandir). it is also one in all the city's newest such locations.

Mahatma Gandhi dedicated this impressive-looking Hindu house of worship at Connaught Place to the deity of prosperity, Laxmi, in 1939. (shrines dedicated to alternative faiths are enclosed on the location, a condition stipulated by Gandhi). The grounds, that cowl over eight acres and embrace lush tropical gardens, fountains, and statues, square measure a treat to explore.

  •        National Zoological Park 

Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi, Old Delhi, 11003, India

delhi sightseeing place-zoo

The National Zoological Park, thought to be one amongst Asia's prime zoos, was supported in one959 and is home to over 1,500 animal and bird species. the varied array of life on show represents all continents, as well as many species from Africa, Australia, and Asia.

The zoo's chimps, also as hippopotamuses, spider monkeys, zebras, hyenas, deer, jaguars, and tigers, area unit significantly noteworthy. The underground vertebrate advanced, that contains a spread of snakes, as well as the harmful Ophiophagus hannan, could be a explicit delight for youths.

One of the insufficient electrical cars that shuttle guests throughout the park could be a pleasant thanks to go round the zoo's several attractions.

  •        The Hauz Khas Complex 

Address: Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi, India

the hauz khas complex unspleh-delhi sightseeing

The Hauz Khas Complex , set simply south of latest Old Delhi, could be a distinctive urban city. WHOle|the complete} village is tormented by vaulted graves of lesser Muslim rulers who were arranged  to rest here from the ordinal to sixteenth century, additionally to its varied antique stone monuments. Other attractions embrace the ruins of associate ancient school and therefore the spot of Firoz monarch, the 14th-century ruler of Old Delhi, also as Ki mosque, a good looking masjid in-built the Lodi vogue. Make sure you permit enough time to explore the encompassing space. For its art galleries, modern restaurants, and shop boutiques, this spirited district is safe and fashionable among locals and tourists alike.


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